Thank you for your interest in The Cadbury Bicycle Factory.

For over a decade Canadians like you have helped Cadbury send bicycles to students in Ghana so they can access an education. Now, even with the issues we’re facing as a world with COVID-19, we are still committing to sending 1,000 more bicycles to students in Ghana, when it is safe to do so.

These unprecedented times will not stop us from helping children gain greater access to education and opportunity. We are committed to continuing to help the good go ‘round.

While we’re no longer seeking your help in this initiative, we still have a request of you.
We ask that you continue to show generosity and gratitude each and every day. We ask that you practice social distancing and continue to check on your neighbours or loved ones, in a safe way. Most importantly, we ask that you stay safe and well-informed.

Thank you, your friends at

About The Cadbury Bicycle Factory

Why Ghana?

Ghana is one of Cadbury’s primary sources of Cocoa. Giving bikes to help students get access to education is one way that Cadbury is working to improve the communities that give us so much.

Find out more about our work with our cocoa growing communities.

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Why Bikes?

For over 11 years, the Cadbury Bicycle Factory has rallied Canadians to help students in Ghana get to school.

For these students, the walk to school can take hours. This commute is one of the biggest barriers to receiving a proper education.

To date, with the help of Canadians, Cadbury has delivered over 32,000 bicycles to Ghana, turning long walks to school, into shorter rides.

How do bicycles help students in Rural regions?

up to 75% shorter commute time
more class attendance up to 28% more class attendance
better academic performance up to 59% better academic performance

World Bicycle Relief (2017)

The Importance of Education

Those without an education often end up living in poverty.

According to World Bicycle Relief (2017),

“…for each additional year of schooling completed by young adults, the country’s poverty rate falls by 9%.”